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M25 Motorway, UK

Green solutions materials

We have achieved a rate of 92% recycled content for bulk materials against an 80% projected rate at tender stage.  This will see over 2 million tonnes of recycled aggregates used on the scheme.

We have investigated a number of products with a view to minimising hazardous content.  For example epoxy resin used to install dowel bars into the PQ concrete was applied using a gun which resulted in contaminated packaging which required disposal.  We have replaced this with a capsule system which results in zero waste.  Similarly we have reviewed the requirement for the application of bitumen paint to the rear face of slipform walls and been able to delete this completely form the specification.

Lean construction has been employed and a number of features have been retained rather than replaced.  For example VCB within the central reservation has been retained over significant lengths rather than being replaced.  A significant quantity of existing environmental barrier has been retained rather than replaced with new following condition assessment.  Much of the existing road surface has been retained and will be replaced during the maintenance cycle rather than during construction to maximise the use of the existing asset.