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Construction of viaduct in route of Krakowska Street in Rzeszów

Constructing the project

Design works over the new bridge facility to be realized in the capital of Podkarpacie region started in January 2010 and lasted until May 2010. Then we commenced construction works, having previously obtained all indispensable permits. The new viaduct is 18 m long and 38 m wide, it has two traffic lanes in each direction as well as sidewalks and bicycle paths on both sides. Within this project we also realized a roundabout at the crossing of Kotuli and Zbyszewskiego streets, which is 35 m in diameter. Apart from Kotuli and Ofiar Katynia streets we realized construction works on adjoining streets: Zbyszewskiego and Mikołajczyka. Total length of modernized streets amounted to over 300 m. We also realized street lighting together with vertical and horizontal traffic lane marking. New acoustic screen panels were erected in three places: alongside the new connecting route (on the side of semi-detached houses alongdise Lewakowskiego street), on the curve of Kotuli street and alongside Krakowska street (on the side of Krakowska - Południe housing estate). We also reconstructed telecommunication, power supply, gas supply, water supply and sewerage networks.

The project in figures

  • viaduct length: 18 m
  • viaduct width: 38 m
  • number of steel sheet piles: 2 000 m²
  • steel sheet pile length: 18 m
  • excavations: 20 000 m²
  • surfaces: 9 000 m²