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D1 Sverepec - Vrtizer (I. section)

  • Sverepec Vrtizer
  • Sverepec Vrtizer 2
  • Sverepec Vrtizer 3
  • Sverepec Vrtizer 4
  • Sverepec Vrtizer 5
  • Sverepec Vrtizer 6

The D1 Motorway Sverepec - Vrtizer, Section I. in km 0.000 - 4.900

The motorway is part of the European route E75 within the Zilina - Brastislava corridor and the same time it is part of the Trans-European motorway North - South. By completing the D1 motorway section Sverepec - Vrtizer a significant portion of traffic load is diverted from the existing I/64 and II/517 roads to their realigned routes.


Miroslav Potoč Ing.
Division Slovakia


Service: Construction
Mark segment: Roads, Bridges
Start date: 2008
Completion date: 2011
Clients: Slovak National Highway Association
Country: Slovakia
City: Považská Bystrica
Project status: Completed