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Catskill/Delaware UV Water Treatment Plant

Sustainability and green

For in-depth information on sustainability aspects of this project, please view the related Sustainability case study in PDF.

This $1.1 billion contract, for the New York City Department of Environmental Protection, was awarded to the joint venture of Skanska USA Civil Northeast, ECCO III Enterprises, and J.F. White. The project calls for construction of a new, below-grade 160,000-square-foot ultraviolet treatment building, the Catskill and Delaware Water Treatment Ultraviolet Light Disinfection Facility. Upon completion, the facility will treat up to 2 billion gallons of water per day cleaned using ultraviolet light. The facility comprises of a building that will house process equipment as well as laboratories and offices. The building will be constructed using structural steel with a precast facade and stainless steel roof. The underground concrete structure will hold mechanical equipment and piping that will transport water through the water treatment facility. Skanska USA Civil Northeast will be responsible for purchasing and assembly, as well as installation, of the new equipment. The project includes excavation of 400,000 cubic yards of earth, drainage, foundation laying, structural concrete work, piping and system installation. Workers will place 1,200 tons of structural steel, 121,000 cubic yards of concrete and 10,250 linear feet of large bore steel pipe., ranging from 48 to 144 inches in diameter. Cement lining will be applied to the 144-inch diameter steel pipe. In addition, the team will install energy dissipating and knife gate valves, as well as flowmeters and duct banks. The facility will be home to a total of 56 Trojan ultraviolet light treatment units. Skanska will perform start up and commissioning of the facility. The UV process is meant to treat the water and kill cryptosporidium and giardia bacteria not killed by chlorine. The project is part of the New York City Department of Environmental Protection green initiative and will be the largest ultraviolet water disinfection plant in the world.