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Reconstruction of national road No. 4 on the section Pilzno - Ropczyce

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  • Bridge in route of national road No 4
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In 2008 the Rzeszów branch of the General Directorate of State Roads and Motorways started modernization of a state road in the Podkarpacie region - the largest in its history. The project valued at almost PLN 600 mln was divided into four parts and consisted in reconstruction of 55 km of state road No 4 between Machowa and Łańcut. State road No 4 is currently the busiest road in the Podkarpacie region. Road No 4 connects the west and east borders of Poland and has international meaning as a part of both domestic and trans-european communication network TEN-T. In the future it will function as an alternative for the currently realized A4 motorway.
We were entrusted with modernization of the technologically most difficult and the longest -over 23 km - section of the state road No 4 between Pilzno and Ropczyce. This section starts right at the end of the Pilzno by-pass realized by us in 2005 and ends at the outskirts of Ropczyce, where it joins the by-pass.
The investment realized by our company was a considerable challenge due to the length of the modernized section, vast scope of construction works and the necessity to provide continuous traffic in both directions on the busiest of the roads in the Podkarpacie region. Completed construction works were valued at more than PLN 302 m gross. It was the largest ever project our company realized on the territory of Podkarpacie. In summer 2009, at the peak point of investment realization, construction works were realized by almost 430 people and 160 machines and transport trucks. The modernized, over 9-km section between Ropczyce and Nagawczyna was handed over to the investor in April 2010, whereas the works on the 14-km section of the same state road between Nagawczyna and Pilzno were completed in April 2011.

Benefits for the community

Realization of the investment resulted in the increase of capacity of both the road as well as the adjoining engineering facilities for more than 20 ooo drivers who cover this route everyday. The contract included realization of a series of solutions and conveniences improving considerably the safety of all traffic users, i.e. reconstruction of crossings, erection of more than 160 traffic routing hatched areas, pedestrian lines and islands. We reconstructed 13 pedestrian crossings and - on aluminium supporting structures -installed active road signs with pulsators and lightening. The investment contributed to the decrease in the number of road accidents thanks to the fact that additional overtaking and turning lanes were sectioned, grade line and lane curves were corrected and almost 10 km of protective barriers were installed. We also installed 1150 new road signs and more than 10 000 point reflecting elements. We erected two lighting panels with variable content which provide the drivers with current information about weather conditions on the road.


I place in competition "Construction of the year 2009" organized by Circuit Inspectorate of the National Labour Inspectorate in Rzeszów.


Service: Construction
Mark segment: Roads, Bridges
Start date: 2008
Completion date: 2011
Clients: Generalna Dyrekcja Dróg Krajowych i Autostrad
Country: Poland
City: Pilzno
Project status: Completed