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Construction of sewerage and water supply systems in the community of Żywiec

Constructing the project

The whole scope of works related to construction of sewerage system was divided into 9 tasks, whereas water supply system consisted of 7 tasks. Works were executed on many sites and after their completion inhabitants of the following districts and streets in Żywiec will have acces to both sewerage system and water supply system: Moszczanica, Rędzin and Oczków districts and Nad Dworem, Komonieckiego, Dębowa and Świętokrzyska streets. Moreover, water supply system covered the following streets: Warneńczyka, Bohaterów Września, Piękna, Kolejowa, Zacisze, Za Wodą, wesoła and Jana Kazimierza.

The project in figures

  • 62 km - sanitary sewerage system
  • 15 pumping stations
  • 35 km - water supply network