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Reconstruction of the Lotnicza Street In Wroclaw

  • Lotnicza Street In Wroclaw
  • Lotnicza Street In Wroclaw
  • Lotnicza Street In Wroclaw
  • Lotnicza Street In Wroclaw

Reconstruction of 2 km long part of Lotnicza Street in Wrocław was completed  7 months before contract delivery date.

Reconstruction of the part of Lotnicza Street from Ostatni Grosz to the bridge na the Sleza River was done for the Wroclaw Commune represented by the City Board for Roads and Maintenance. Single carriageway road with damaged surface has been replaced by modern double carriageway road with two lanes in both directions. We have also reconstructed the water and savage system, gas network, we laid a new tram overhead lines and new tram trackage, street lights and  bike path along the entire route.

Works were organized to minimize inconvenience in traffic. Reconstruction began with construction of a new road. After new road was done we started reconstruction of the old road, track trackage. In the same time we started building a new viaduct. The viaduct was to allow unobstructed tram traffic

During the peak workload times 250 Skanska employees and contractors worked on the site. To shorten the time of investment works were often carried out in two shifts, nights and days off.


Service: Construction
Mark segment: Civil, Roads
Start date: 2007
Completion date: 2009
Clients: Zarząd Dróg i Utrzymania Miasta, ul. Długa 49, Wrocław
Country: Poland
City: Wroclaw
Project status: Completed