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Shopping arcades in Tesco supermarket in Rzeszów

Constructing the project

The investment realized in the capital of Podkarpacie included construction of shopping arcades with internal installations, reconstruction of parking lots and service lines as well as disassembly of the existing networks and facilities, e.g. garden outlet. Execution of the project was a challenge for our employees due to short, 18-weeks realization period and the fact that the works were carried out in a functioning shopping centre. In order to provide the customers with an easy access to the supermarket, we built two wooden, lightened, roofed and fire-protrected tunnels. Good organization of works and logistics allowed to complete construction works within the stipulated deadline. One-storey shopping centre realized by our company in Rzeszów is a hall based on steel structure, founded on piles and covered with a pentice. External walls were realized in the form of a lining made of facade panels insulated with polyurethane resin. Internal walls were made of gypsum and cardboard on a steel grate filled with mineral wool and silicate blocks. Inside the building we realized complex finishing works together with all the installations. Interiors of the shopping arcades were finished with floors and in sanitary facilities ceramic tiles were placed.

The project in figures

  • developed area: 3 395 m²
  • cubic capacity: 28 857 m³
  • usable area: 2 271 m²