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Construction of Biecz bypass in route of national road No. 28

Constructing the project

The longest bridge structure we built in the bypass route is a 161-metre long bridge over the Ropa river. The five-span object has a joined steel and concrete structure. Individual parts of the structure were joined on transom poles, and then assembled on the pillars. The most difficult moment in the construction process was the assembly of both box girders. Each of them weighed 74 tons and was 41 metres long. To lift the girders up and to place them on the pillars we used the biggest wheeled crane available in Poland, with maximum lifting capacity of 700 tons. Due to the landscape conditions and the vicinity of a river bed, the assembly of one of the girders was accompanied by another crane, with lifting capacity of 130 tons. The total weight of the bridge steel structure amounted to 608 tonnes.
Construction of a three-span viaduct over an active railway was a huge challenge for us. The investment also included construction of three one-span structures: a bridge over the Libuszanka stream, a viaduct in the route of a district road and a bridge over the Sitniczanka stream.
Due to weak bearing ground capacity we reinforced the subsoil for embankments with crushed aggregate and geogrid mattresses as well as gravel and rubble columns.
The investment included redevelopment of energy, gas, water, sanitary sewage and rain water system networks together with the "Długosz" mine oil pipelines and replacement of three oil-well pumps.


We installed 8 separators with clarifiers - devices which purify the rain water from oil-derived substances and other pollution, thus reducing the adverse impact of the ring road on the environment. We reinforced the slopes with coconut mats which will protect the surface against erosion caused by wind and precipitation. The mats are made of fully degradable material which maintains the right humidity and creates appropriate conditions for grass growth.
In order to limit the traffic noise we placed acoustic baffles in the vicinity of households.
Along the bypass we planted 3621 bushes and trees.


The project in figures

Earth works: 280 000 m3
Pavement made from mineral asphalt mix: 36000 tons
Bridge over the Ropa river: 161m
Bridge over the Libuszanka stream: 33,5m
Bridge over the Sitniczanka stream: 29m
Viaduct over railway line: 56m
Viaduct in the route of district road: 25m