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Ypsilon Footbridge

  • Ypsilon from the air
  • Ypsilon seen from above
  • View of the Drammenselva with the Ypsilon bridge crossing

Ypsilon walkway crossing the river at the city og Drammen (Drammenselva).

The bridge is a one-tower stay cable bridge, and the tower is placed into the river. The main span is 80 meter and the side span is 50 meter.


Jonny Hermansen
No Eng Title


Service: Construction
Mark segment: Bridges
Start date: 2006
Completion date: 2007
Clients: Drammen kommune Byprosjekter,Byggherrekontakt: Sverre Lerbak, Contact
Country: Norway
Contract value: 48 M NOK
Project status: Completed



The Municipality of Drammen award for good building tradition.
Nominated to the civil construction award for 2008.