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Ypsilon Footbridge

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Ypsilon Footbridge

  • Ypsilon from the air
  • Ypsilon seen from above
  • View of the Drammenselva with the Ypsilon bridge crossing

Ypsilon walkway crossing the river at the city og Drammen (Drammenselva).

The bridge is a one-tower stay cable bridge, and the tower is placed into the river. The main span is 80 meter and the side span is 50 meter.


Jonny Hermansen


Service: Construction
Mark segment: Bridges
Start date: 2006
Completion date: 2007
Clients: Drammen kommune Byprosjekter, Byggherrekontakt: Sverre Lerbak, Contact
Country: Norway
Contract value: 48 M NOK
Project status: Completed



The Municipality of Drammen award for good building tradition.
Nominated to the civil construction award for 2008.