A high-rise building Reimantorni is an impressive landmark in Kivenlahti district near the sea in Espoo. The site is the third and last high rise building in Kivenlahti. Reimantorni has 79 apartments in 17 floors, varying from 44 to 146.5 square meters in floor area. On its highest floor there is a sun deck and sauna, which is free for all the inhabitants to enjoy. Reimantorni was awarded as The Site of the Year in Finland in 2007.


Service: Construction, Residential development
Mark segment: Building, Residential
Concept: Sustainability case study
Start date: 2005
Completion date: 2007
Clients: Skanska Kodit
Country: Finland
City: Espoo
Project status: Completed


The Site of the Year in Finland in 2007.
by the Finnish construction magazine Rakennuslehti.This was the first residential construction site to win in the 21-year history of the competition.
Skanska's Project of the Year 2007