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Ten Mile Creek Water Preserve

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Ten Mile Creek Water Preserve

  • Ten Mile Creek Water Preserve
  • Ten Mile Creek Water Preserve

Skanska completed the first stage of the Everglades Restoration Project with the construction of a $34 million water preserve in Florida’s Ten Mile Creek water basin.

The St. Lucie County project was built to ease seasonal storm water flows from the Ten Mile Creek Basin into the St. Lucie River Estuary and Indian River Lagoon, the most biologically diverse estuary in North America. Wildlife in the entire lagoon is endangered by increased runoff from watershed enhancements. By capturing freshwater from Ten Mile Creek and storing it during the rainy season, the amount of freshwater and sediment entering waterways can be controlled.

Construction consisted of a 6,000 acre-feet above ground reservoir; a pump station; gated-water control structure for moderating the release of water back into the creek; a gated gravity control structure for draining the facility for maintenance purposes; and control structures between the deep water storage area and appurtenant structures. Additionally, an auxiliary pumping station, outlet culvert, an emergency overflow spillway and a 12-foot wide inspection road were constructed.

In addition to the obvious environmental benefits of the project, St. Lucie County will use part of the site as a nature preserve area to promote hiking, fishing, bird watching and other outdoor activities.

The Ten Mile Creek project is part of the larger Everglades Restoration Project, which covers 16 counties over an 18,000 square-mile area. The project seeks to restore, protect and preserve the water resources of central and southern Florida.

One of the largest and most ambitious ecosystem restoration efforts worldwide (with more than 60 major components), the Everglades Restoration Project will help save the unique and diverse environment that forms the ecosystems of the area.

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Service: Construction
Mark segment: Water management
Concept: Sustainability case study
Start date: 2003
Completion date: 2005
Clients: US Army Corps of Engineers, Local public
Country: United States
City: Fort Pierce
Project status: Completed