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Submerged tunnel at Bjørvika (at the centre of Oslo)

Sustainability and green

The construction of the submerged tunnel was a cooperation between Bam Civiel/Volker Stevin from Netherland and Skanska Norway.

The tunnel is 670 meter long and 35-40 meter wide, and consists of 10 elemennts, each 112 meter long. The elements are built in drydock at Hanøytangen outside Bergen, and then towed and installed in the sea close to the centre of Oslo. Approx. 90 000 cum of concrete was used to built the elements.

Before the tunnel was installed, a wall was created in a ditch across the Bjørvika. The dredging work, which consisted of approx 600 000 cum masses, was part of the contract.
Parts of the quay at Sørenga and Havnelageret were torn down in the process of building the tunnel. These quays were reinstalled when the tunnelworks was finished.