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Building 6A

  • Biogen Idec, Building 6A
  • Biogen Idec, Building 6A
  • Biogen Idec, Building 6A

This six-story addition to Building 6 provides Class A office space, designed for future conversion into laboratory space. Additionally the building houses a central utility plant (co-generation) designed to stand alone from the utility grid and provide electrical and/or steam service to all other laboratory, manufacturing and administrative buildings on a full city block campus. Building 6A is a 150,000-SF addition to Building 6. Floors two through six were initially fit-out for administrative functions. Additionally, infrastructure plans provided future utilities for the conversion of the office space to laboratory space by floor. The project included a cafeteria and winter garden, along with an enclosed pedestrian bridge that connects Building 6 to Building 6A. It also included distribution for both electricity and/or steam to the rest of the campus.


Service: Construction
Mark segment: Laboratories, Offices
Start date: 2004
Completion date: 2006
Clients: Biogen Idec
Country: United States
City: Cambridge
Project status: Completed