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OPS E39 Klett-Bårdshaug

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OPS E39 Klett-Bårdshaug

  • Buvika - seen from east
  • Road at Viggja
  • Road at Klokkarvika
  • Roundabout at Klett

Norway's first PPP

The E39 is a coastal highway that we developed and built to replace an outdated and dangerous road between the communities of Klett and Brdshaug, approximately 22 km Southwest of Trondheim, Norway.

 Financed, designed, built and operated as a Public Private Partnership (known in Norway as "OPS"), the project is Norway's first PPP and the country's largest road contract awarded.

 Previously a dangerous route along the coast, the E39s 22 km of new road, 5 km of repaired road, 10 km of tunnels and 12 bridges (the longest of which is around 240 m), had a dramatic effect on safety after opening in 2005. Police statistics showed an initial reduction of 66% in the number of accidents. This improved safety record, along with reduced journey times, has brought economic benefits by attracting families and businesses to the area.

In February 2010, we sold our 50-percent share in the Orkdalsvegen E39 road to Skanska Norway's pension trust and Skanska Trean Allmn Pensionsstiftelse, each representing half of the investment. The sale price amounts to NOK 140m, approximately SEK 170m. The capital gain amounts to approximately SEK 100m.

Skanska retains close ties with the project.  

Key benefits

Faster and safer journeys

Accidents reduced by 66%

Economic benefits via new settlement of the area

Highway created many years early because of PPP approach

Opened two months early (on an already tight 28-month construction schedule)





Anders Geirsta
Roar Sve


Service: Construction, Public Private Partnerships
Mark segment: Roads, Bridges, Underground/tunnels
Start date: 2003
Completion date: 2005
Clients: Statens vegvesen (Vegdirektoratet)/Orkdalsvegen AS
Country: Norway
City: Øysand
Contract value: 1.3 billion NOK
Project status: Completed