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Shopping Center Sello

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Gross area: 89 000 m2 (Phase 1), 97 000 m2 (Phase 2), 11 577 m2 (Phase 3)

Volume: 470 000 m3 (Phase 1), 537 000 m3 (Phase 2), 69 000 m3 (Phase 3)

Partners developing and construction

NCC Construction Ltd

Additional information

The second stage of the construction site of Sello Shopping Center was awarded the Construction Site of the Year 2004 award given by construction trade magazine Rakennuslehti.
The jury said in its statement that the project, which was the largest largest target price project by then implemented in Finland, was successful especially due to the selection of key personnel, detailed schedules and design guidance to such an extent that the construction site was handed over to the client one month ahead of schedule. 97.5 per cent of the material from a previous mall, Maxi, located at the same site could be re-utilized in the construction of the new one.
The focus area of the construction site competition was safety at work, and the Sello construction site was the best in this. Three accidents took place at the Sello construction site, and thus the accident frequency was 3.3 accidents per one million working hours, compared to the average value of more than 40 at Finnish construction sites in average at the time.
The panel also paid attention in the safely arranged pedestrian traffic and the innovative fixing solutions used in arched railings at the construction site.
Furthermore, the second construction site of the Shopping Centre Sello was awarded an honorary mention, 'Towards the Best in Safety at Work in the World 2005' and the Roof Association of Finland named Sello's roof structures the Roof of the Year in 2006.