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Pinners Point Interchange

  • Pinners Point
  • Pinners Point
  • Pinners Point
  • Pinners Point

The Pinners Point Connector provided a new four-lane road and interchange from the Western Freeway (VA-164) to the Portsmouth Marine Terminal, Martin Luther King Expressway (VA-58) and the Midtown Tunnel.

The project included six bridges traversing through residential and industrial areas covering both water and land. The bridges were constructed using concrete piles, drilled shaft foundations, reinforcing steel, structural steel beams, concrete beams, a concrete deck, parapets, and dredging an access channel for construction of the water bridge. 

A new Midtown Tunnel building complex with six structures was also constructed and roadwork consisting of excavation, clearing, grading, paving, utilities, wick drains, fence/guardrails, sound walls, electrical, signs and traffic management system. was installed.


Service: Construction
Mark segment: Bridges, Civil
Start date: 2002
Completion date: 2005
Clients: Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT)
Country: United States
City: Portsmouth
Project status: Completed