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Miljonhemmet, Backa Röd

Sustainability and green

The conversion to a low-energy building means that the building now uses less than a third as much energy as it used to.

LCC calculations

The project demonstrated that LCC calculations accurately reflected reality.

LCC stands for Life Cycle Cost and is a comprehensive term for the calculations that are made to evaluate a product’s or a building’s total costs throughout their entire lifespan.

The advantage is not just that investment costs are evaluated, but also operating and maintenance costs. When we calculate the Life Cycle Cost, we are not simply analyzing energy. It is, for example, reasonable to assume that various surface finishes will have different costs, as well as differing maintenance requirements and lifespans. A Life Cycle Cost calculation makes it easier to compare the various alternatives. This can be done for a specific product, such as a window, type of wall, or for an entire building.

Green Workplace

Since the construction process has an environmental impact, we have certified the workplace in accordance with Skanska’s own eco-labeling scheme, Green Workplace.

Green Workplace involves us reducing our environmental impact on the workplace in part by using energy-efficient lighting during construction (both inside and outside), maintaining high emissions standards on machinery and more stringent requirements than legislated for chemicals and waste management. We also review our energy consumption on a regular basis. In addition, we do not purchase bottled water and all coffee break food and coffee is KRAV-labeled.