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Miljonhemmet, Brogården

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Passive building conversion of million homes program apartments

Brogården in Alingsås is the first million homes program area to undergo conversion to passive buildings. Energy efficiency is one of the most important goals. Once the conversion of Brogården is completed, energy consumption will have been more than halved – from 216 kWh per m2annually to 92 kWh. That figure includes not only heating but also household and building electricity.

Our client, Alingsåshem AB, has always had a major focus on energy issues. They have taken a comprehensive approach to the million homes program buildings.

”If the customer had chosen to just patch things up, a new renovation would have been required in 15 to 30 years or, alternatively, the buildings would have had to be demolished during that period. Thanks to their comprehensive approach, these buildings now have an anticipated lifespan of between 50 and 70 years, and their energy performance will hopefully last just as many years,” says Martin Jorlöv, Project Manager for Brogården.

Skanska has generated an enormous knowledge bank that we refer to as Miljonhemmet. We have used tools from Miljonhemmet for Brogården. At the same time, the Brogården project has resulted in additional knowledge being added to that knowledge bank, for example new solutions we developed for constructing passive buildings.

Nobody has previously modified million homes program buildings in this manner, which is one of the reasons that Brogården has generated so much attention. The King and Queen and Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt are some of the many people who have visited the project.

Brogården was built between 1971 and 1973 and is comprised of 16 buildings with a total of 299 apartments. Our contract includes converting all 16 buildings. We have started work on six of those buildings and of those, four have been completed and handed back over to Alingsåshem. By mid-October 2010 we will begin stage 4, which involves the conversion of an additional four buildings.

Passive buildings

Passive building technology means that we are constructing tight buildings with very good heat recovery. The apartments have no traditional heating systems, but are instead heated through the residents’ own body heat, lamps, household appliances, home electronics and solar radiation. Passive buildings are so energy-efficient that they require less than half as much energy as a traditionally constructed building.


Martin Jorlöv
Project Manager
Skanska Sweden


Service: Construction
Mark segment: Apartment buildings, Residential
Concept: Sustainability case study
Start date: 2008
Completion date: 2013
Clients: Alingsåshem AB
Country: Sweden
City: Alingsås
Project status: Completed