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Miljonhemmet, Molde 1-2 block

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Miljonhemmet, Molde 1-2 block

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Dialogue with residents was key to Molde renovation

In the summer of 2009, the residents of the Molde 1-2 block of Husby were able to celebrate their newly renovated buildings and renewed inner courtyard. Prior to the renovation, the two five-story buildings were in great need of renovation and their energy consumption was high.

Our first task at Molde 1-2 was really just to build a new laundry room, and for that task we used tools from Skanska’s knowledge bank, Miljonhemmet.

In Miljonhemmet we have collected our experiences from work on the million homes program buildings, experiences that have subsequently been reused on new projects.

When we received our next job at the Molde block, we were able to use more of our Miljonhemmet tools. We renovated and added additional insulation to both the roof and walls as well as plastered the facades and tightened up the joints between the sandwich panels.

Other measures included replacing doors and windows with higher energy performance ones and an entirely new inner courtyard with private patios. We repaired concrete damage on balconies and exterior corridors, installed new railings and covered facades along balconies and exterior corridors with a durable, graffiti-resistant sheet metal material.

Energy consumption has been reduced by approximately 20-25% thanks to replacement windows and additional insulation on the facades and roof. The energy-saving measures have contributed to Svenska Bostäder’s financing of the renovation.

Communication with the residents is important for good cooperation. Everyone was able to stay in their apartments during the renovation. Although many languages are spoken in the area, by recruiting people from the area, we were able to maintain clear communications with the residents.

This run-down area in the Järva neighborhood was built between 1972 and 1977 and was part of the million homes program. Molde is a pilot project for the Järva revitalization program – Svenska Bostäder’s initiative to transform the Järva area into a safe, pleasant and attractive part of Stockholm.


Rolf Sundström
Market Manager


Service: Construction
Mark segment: Apartment buildings
Start date: 2008
Completion date: 2009
Clients: Svenska Bostäder
Country: Sweden
City: Stockholm
Project status: Completed