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Miljonhemmet, Molde 1-2 block

Our assignment

The project was a turnkey contract with coordination of subcontractors. Thanks to a close cooperation with our client, Svenska Bostäder, and all of the contractors, the project has run very smoothly.

We receive the contract because Svenska Bostäder liked the work that we had done previously in the area. The work we performed in Husby included façade renovations, additions, building new laundry rooms and concrete renovation in the parking garage.

Construction process

One challenge for the construction team was that everyone remained in their apartments. That placed exacting demands on us in regard to information, disruptions and safety.

Safety is always a priority in Skanska’s work. When residents remain in their apartments, safety routines need to be even more comprehensive.

A straightforward dialogue with residents was incredibly important. Some 78% of the residents are of foreign origin and many do not speak Swedish.

Our solution was to recruit two very talented young men from the area who speak several different languages. They have answered questions and collected feedback from both the residents and people who pass by the construction site daily.

All of the facades on two of the buildings have had additional insulation added and been plastered white. Even the roofs received added insulation. We renovated the entryways, replaced windows and apartment doors.

Concrete renovation of the balconies and exterior corridors was completed. That is a good example of how we use our experiences from Miljonhemmet. We have developed quality-assured methods for the repair of concrete damage, and those were used on the Molde block.

Exterior corridors and balconies also received new lighting and a design makeover.

The courtyard is an important part of this project. That is where residents meet and interact. The courtyard has been renewed with new plantings, nice playgrounds and paths. The apartments on the main floor gained outdoor patios. Illumination has been improved and bicycle parking was relocated to enhance security.

We maintained a fast pace and managed to complete all of the measures in less than a year. Our goal was to create an environment that would make the residents proud of their area.

What our client thinks

“I think that what worked best was the cooperation between all the parties involved – the architects, Skanska’s employees and the subcontractors. Another positive was Abdi and Shiraz. It is nice to see that two such pleasant guys got jobs and did so well. We hope that they will be able to continue working on our projects. All of the subcontractors should also be recognized for their involvement in the project. They had a hand in pushing the project forward and coming up with ideas to solve problems.”

Roland Svensson, Project Manager, Svenska Bostäder