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Bromma Blocks, Hangar 3

Sustainability and green

For in-depth information on sustainability aspects of this project, please view the related Sustainability case study in PDF.

Skanska and KF Fastigheter worked extensively on environmental issues. Energy efficiency was an important goal and we applied for GreenBuilding classification. That means that energy utilization is at least 25% lower than regulatory requirements, which benefits both tenants and the environment.

A carbon dioxide calculation was performed to quantify the positive effects of the project’s environmental efforts in terms of reduced emissions of carbon dioxide and carbon dioxide equivalents. With our environmental efforts on the project, carbon dioxide emissions were reduced by 500-600 tons compared with an equivalent construction project of Bromma Block’s size. That corresponds to 70 trips around the Earth.

Green transport and enhanced logistics

Green Transports was a subproject where Skanska and KF Fastigheter developed models for reducing the volume of transportation. For example, we contracted with DHL so that all small deliveries were coordinated. When plaster was going to be transported from Belgium, we chose to do so via train and boat rather than truck.

Since the construction process entails an environmental impact, we certified the workplace in accordance with Skanska’s internal eco-labeling scheme, Green Workplace.

Green Workplace means that we reduced our climate impact in the workplace by, among other activities, utilizing energy-efficient lighting on site (both inside and out), placing high exhaust standards on machinery and imposing stricter requirements than those stipulated by law for chemicals and waste management.