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Clarion Hotel Sign at Norra Bantorget

Sustainability and green

For in-depth information on sustainability aspects of this project, please view the related Sustainability case study in PDF.

The Clarion Hotel Sign is part of the major refurbishment of the area called Västra City. The project aims to breathe life into the area between the Klara sjö channel and the buildings in Norrmalm.

In 1999, Skanska took the first initiative to develop the area around Norra Bantorget and the following year won the assignment from the City of Stockholm of conducting a feasibility study of the planning area. Today, Norra Bantorget is a vibrant part of Stockholm and has become one of Stockholm’s most attractive areas for housing and business.

New housing, retail stores, offices, restaurants and more green areas link Norra Bantorget with St Eriksplan. A large popular open-air café is located on the gravel square at Norra Latin. Skanska has built the Flat Iron Building as well as a number of housing developments in the area and then, of course, we have built Stockholm’s largest hotel, Clarion Hotel Sign. The much noted hotel created 160 full-time jobs.

Rail transport instead of truck

The decision to use rail instead of traditional trucks to transport the VST framing system from Slovakia was an excellent solution that reduced carbon emissions corresponding to driving by truck 30 times around the world. Transportation by rail also led to savings of more than 10 percent in freight costs.

In 2006, the Clarion Hotel Sign project was nominated for Skanska Sweden’s environmental award.