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ModernaHus, Tändstickan

Our assignment

Skanska’s ModernaHus is a proprietary project and focuses on prefabricated construction. The concept is flexible and can be adapted to a range of settings.

The objective of the project is to minimize construction costs, reduce construction time, raise quality and enable lower lifecycle costs.

The concept is based on innovative solutions and a high degree of prefabrication, entailing that volume elements, like pieces of Lego, are constructed in plants and then assembled at the construction site.

The project prerequisites for the Tändstickan block were excellent. Skanska owned the land, had already constructed four adjacent buildings, the detailed development plan was complete and the waterside location could hardly be more ideal.

Construction process

The framework and facades for the building in Västervik were manufactured in our Strängnäs plant. The completed construction elements were then transported to Västervik for assembly. Assembly consisted of three separate phases.

In Phase 1, the land phase, the foundation is laid. The prefab foundation is assembled with partly cast-in-place concrete. This takes about 6-8 weeks.

Phase 2, the framework phase, is the process that most differentiates ModernaHus construction from that of traditional buildings. Assembling the framework is extremely fast and only requires a few fitters. The prefab framework and other installations such as bathrooms and steps are assembled in this phase.

The framework phase includes a tight ceiling. This phase took very little time in Västervik, where around ten fitters assembled the framework in just 29 days. The standard period for a building with eight floors is six to eight weeks but with fewer floors, Tändstickan could be assembled much faster.

The dry phase is the third and final stage. This phase is also faster than traditional construction due to the high degree of prefabrication and because many activities have already been completed during the framework phase. The dry phase takes about 16 weeks, including drying, which takes about 50-60 days.

The total execution period for ModernaHus construction is about 7-8 months.

The project in figures

One tenant-owner building with 22 apartments, halved construction time and a total execution period of 7-8 months: 6-8 weeks for the land phase, 6-8 weeks for the framework phase and 16 weeks for the dry phase.