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ModernaHus, Tändstickan

Sustainability and green

The ModernaHus concept is already green and energy-efficient by its basic design.

One of the secrets behind the low energy consumption is a well-insulated building envelope with minimized thermal bridges and recycled exhaust air. The building’s technological solutions also create a pleasant indoor environment, and only approved materials and material combinations have been used to achieve high indoor air quality and climate comfort.

The success of Skanska’s ModernaHus concept is mainly due to the combination and standardization of the most well-tried and best solutions. Energy-efficiency measurements of completed ModernaHus have shown that deviations between our calculations and measured values are a maximum of 2 percent.

The criteria for Nordic Ecolabeled residential buildings were released in December 2009. We expect ModernaHus to be the first Ecolabeled residential building in the market.