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Xchange, Nyhamn cooperative

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Xchange, Nyhamn cooperative

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Standardized housing project lowers costs

Skanska Xchange is a concept for standardizing housing projects in Sweden, Finland and Norway. The first such project implemented in Sweden is the Nyhamn tenant-owner association on Gävle Strand, which is one of Gävle’s most desirable neighborhoods. There, 24 tenant-owner apartments were constructed in two buildings with occupancy in November 2010.

The goal of Skanska Xchange was to reduce production costs for housing by 15%. That results in the customer getting more for their money while we increase our profit.

The background to Skanska Xchange was our conviction that it is possible to simplify the construction process. There is a huge body of knowledge residing among Skanska’s employees, which is now being gathered into a knowledge bank and being made available to the entire company.

Prefabricated framework, joint purchasing and guide sheets for the construction process are some of the factors that can streamline construction. That results in shorter design and planning times, fewer mistakes, less resources and faster production.

Desirable housing in good areas is important for Skanska Xchange. Since we cap costs, it means that customers get a lot for their money.

The tenant-owner apartment buildings in Nyhamn feature an exciting architectural design with dark-gray rendered facades with white details in an irregular pattern. All of the apartments have two glassed-in balconies. The area is situated adjacent to the sea, within walking distance of the city center.



Tomas Moström
Project Engineer Estimator
Region Hus Norr


Service: Construction
Mark segment: Apartment buildings
Concept: Xchange, Building Information Modeling/ Virtual Design & Construction
Start date: 2010
Completion date: 2010
Clients: -
Country: Sweden
City: Gävle
Project status: Completed