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Xchange, Nyhamn cooperative

Our assignment

The two multi-unit buildings in Nyhamn, Gävle, were a pilot project for Skanska Xchange, our new concept for standardization of housing projects in the Nordic region.

Skanska Xchange involves utilizing our experiences from previous projects and simplifying the construction process.

We gathered together a number of talented employees and started reviewing how we operate. We quickly realized that it is possible to reuse many solutions from previous projects. Among others, we are able to produce the framework in a factory rather than building it on site.

David Jerhov, Implementation Manager for Skanska Xchange, talks about the cost savings enabled by the concept:

“In time, we will probably be able to lower costs further. We are confident that we can achieve a 15-percent reduction through procurement, shorter design and planning times, fewer errors, requiring fewer resources and using products that are familiar and are faster to assemble.

In Nyhamn, we have even used digital building information models (BIM), which are one way of saving and reusing information. A digital model of a building is created and information about the entire project is saved, from the first ideas to the design, construction and management phases. That information is then reused in other projects.

We built the tenant-owner apartments in Nyhamn under our own administration and were in charge of all aspects of construction. Occupancy was in November 2010.

The beautiful and functional apartments were just the beginning of an entirely new residential area. Today, the area has been expanded and comprises additional housing, retail stores, restaurants, cafes and walking paths.

The construction process

Work on Nyhamn proceeded very smoothly. Xchange specialists were on hand throughout the process to facilitate implementation of the building process system.

At the outset of the Nyhamn project, a local architect was hired to design the buildings within the framework of our platform manual.

Lower costs and higher quality

Standardized technology choices, which are an element of Skanska Xchange, mean that project groups are familiar with the components and the materials. As a result, assembly goes faster and the risk of errors is minimized. The best components are selected, which ensures high quality. The fact that more components are built in factories results in lower costs.

Xchange includes control stations that assist project managers in indentifying good solutions from previous projects. That helps us avoid having to reinvent the wheel time and time again.

Inspections provide confidence

The Site Manager in Nyhamn had a guide sheet to assist in overseeing the construction project. Construction management developed a master timetable but also followed up on a weekly basis.

Guide sheets, control stations and technical choices are the tools that ensured that the construction process maintained a high quality level. For the construction crew, this inspired greater confidence since the risk of errors was minimized.

“It was one of the best organized construction sites I have ever seen. It was orderly and uncluttered with thorough and functional timetables,” says Tomas Moström, Xchange coordinator at Hus norr.

The project in figures

• 24 tenant-owner apartments in two buildings
• 15 percent lower production costs
• 2,316 square meters of residential space
• 120 square meters of commercial space
• 3,357 square meters total space