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E45 Bohus-Nödinge, general contract E33

Sustainability and green

The double-track with new commuter-train stations provides scope for more commuter traffic, more high-speed trains and increased freight volumes. The new four-lane highway entails safer traffic and a better environment for residents.

The travel time from Gothenburg to Trollhättan is expected to be between 30 and 35 minutes, which is a reduction of 20 minutes.

By doubling rail freight quantities, traffic safety and access on the E45 is significantly improved.

Göta River protected from pollution

We developed a number of internal procedures to protect the Göta River from pollution during the construction period, including the method for cleaning drainage water that gathers in the excavation space and must be pumped out to enable us to conduct our work.

There are a number of areas requiring protection within our worksite, including coastal meadows, forests and other vegetation. These areas have been cordoned off to prevent anyone from causing any accidental damage.

The railway embankment and the road have been raised at their lowest points by up to 1.5 meters above current levels, thus reducing future concerns over flooding along the stretch. Geo-engineers have also taken into account future subsidence, land elevation and potential climate changes.

A Green Workplace minimizes climate impact

The building process itself entails an environmental impact and to minimize it, the workplace has been certified under Skanska’s internal environmental classification system, Green Workplace. Energy-efficient lighting, strict exhaust standards for machinery and requirements on chemicals and waste management beyond what is legally mandatory are some examples of how we are minimizing our climate impact. We are also continuously reviewing our energy consumption and, through climate calculators, we can evaluate various alternatives from an environmental viewpoint.