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DHL, terminal at Hisingen

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Modern terminal with many winners

In close collaboration with DHL, Skanska constructed the freight company’s new terminal at Hisings Backa on the outskirts of Gothenburg. This modern logistical facility only has winners; employees, the environment, customers, the company and the City of Gothenburg all benefit from the terminal.

DHL’s former premises in central Gothenburg were dilapidated and inefficient, and had major shortcomings in terms of the work environment for employees, which would prove very expensive to fix. Furthermore, the operations would ultimately have to be relocated for environmental reasons and because the City of Gothenburg needed the land to develop its downtown area.

Benefits for customers primarily include more efficient goods and package handling, enabling items to reach their destination quickly, in one piece and in a clean condition.

Skanska was awarded the assignment because we owned an attractive site suitable for DHL’s needs and because we offered a partnership model that matched DHL’s criteria stipulating transparency and participation in the implementation process.

The project leveraged DHL’s and Skanska’s collective know-how. A functional and cost-efficient facility was created for both the tenant DHL and the property owner Skanska.

DHL and Skanska created an environmental alliance aimed at jointly developing efficient green solutions. The terminal’s geographical location contributed to an improved environment by relieving the volume of traffic through central Gothenburg. We constructed an energy-efficient facility with the aim of leaving the smallest possible environmental footprint. The results of this work included dynamic lighting control and a bespoke air-conditioning system.  

Aside from improving the air quality in central Gothenburg, the relocation of DHL’s facility freed up valuable land, ultimately enabling the emergence of a new city district.



Service: Commercial development, Construction
Mark segment: Logistics, Warehouses, Steel structures, Concrete
Start date: 2007
Completion date: 2009
Clients: DHL Express Sverige
Country: Sweden
City: Hisings Backa
Project status: Completed