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Entré Lindhagen

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Entré Lindhagen

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  • Entré Lindhagen
  • Entré Lindhagen

Activity-based office environment with a prominent green profile

Kungsholmen, Stockholm, is the location of Skanska’s new head office, which is also one of the greenest office buildings in the Nordic region. We moved in at the start of 2014 together with Nordea, which is leasing half of the 55,000-square-meter building. The building has a gross floor area of 83,500 square meters. The project was implemented by Skanska on a proprietary basis.

Västra Kungsholmen is known as Stockholm’s new city district because the old, inaccessible industrial setting has been replaced by housing, parks, waterside walkways and offices – often constructed by Skanska. Entré Lindhagen is located beside Essingeleden, close to both bus and subway lines, and the city center is just a short bike journey away. Lunch can be enjoyed in one of the multitude of lunch restaurants in the area or at the jetty along the waterside walkway.

Skanska pursues the objective of implementing construction projects with the least possible environmental impact. When building our new head office, it was therefore self-evident that we would place extra focus on green solutions. Every decision during the planning stage and the construction process was guided by environmental considerations. We have ended up a full 50 percent below the energy requirement set by the National Board of Building, Planning and Housing for newly built office properties. For example, Entré Lindhagen is self-sufficient when it comes to cooling, which is by far one of the most energy-demanding functions in an office building. We use a smart solution, Skanska Deep Green Cooling, which we have developed ourselves and have patented.

Green ideas were not used solely during the construction process. Beehives on the roof help to keep bees in the urban landscape. Carpools are available for business and private travel, and people who cycle to work can park their bikes indoors and have a shower before starting work.

Providing a good work environment has been a key objective. We wanted to create an attractive work and meeting place for our 1,100 employees and one that stimulates interaction and mobility, while also being flexible. We have chosen an activity-based way of working for our new office. See an animation of the office, by clicking on “Film” above. Pernilla Widlund, Change Manager at Skanska, explains:

“For each employee, there is not just one pace to work, but several areas to choose from based on the assignment they are doing at the particular time – either in their own home zone or anywhere else in the office environment. The office also creates excellent opportunities for the employees to expand their internal networks.”

Lighting that emulates daylight, good ventilation and solar protection also help to create a better work environment.

The green office is certified at Platinum, the highest level of the international environmental certification system, LEED. But not only the building is LEED certified. Nordea and Skanska, in their capacity as tenants, have chosen to achieve Platinum certification for themselves by, for example, focusing on electricity from wind power, presence-controlled lighting and energy-efficient appliances. Entré Lindhagen has also achieved the requirements for GreenBuilding certification.


Magnus Hellsten
Project Manager
Skanska Fastigheter Stockholm AB


Service: Commercial development
Mark segment: Offices
Concept: Sustainability case study
Start date: 2011
Completion date: 2014
Clients: Skanska Fastigheter
Country: Sweden
City: Stockholm
Project status: Completed