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The Sjisjka wind farm

Our assignment

Sustainability and safety

The project was completed in accordance with a sustainability plan meant to generate the least possible environmental impact and long-term sustainable solutions, green building, a lifecycle approach and a high level of safety. 

Safety is and always has been a high priority. Sjisjka Vind and the contractors Jemtska and Vestas have been focused on achieving the goal of a zero-accident workplace.


Local ties

The Sami grazing community of Girjas herds reindeer on and around the border between the municipalities of Gallivare and Kiruna. As early as 1999, O2 contacted the Sami to discuss the possibility of establishing a wind farm that was compatible with their lifestyle in the area. With time, the partnership has evolved and the Sami have helped with activities such as clearing work, earth works and wind measurements. During the course of the project, there have been constructive discussions between the various stakeholders and the project has adapted to minimize its impact on the environment and the reindeer herds.


Rural wind-power development compensation

Annual rural wind-power development compensation of about SEK 300,000 will be paid during the lifetime of the facility to promote development in the municipality, part of which will be earmarked for the nearby villages of Killinge, Kaitum and Neitisuanto.