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Norra Länken (NL52), Värtan Interchange

Sustainability and green

Valhallavägen and Lidingövägen are among Stockholm’s most heavily trafficked inner-city roads. The Värtan Interchange will significantly reduce the traffic volume on these stretches of road. In addition, Norra länken will run largely through tunnels. Overall, this will result in lower noise levels, lower carbon dioxide levels and a safer traffic environment for pedestrians and cyclists.

Norra länken 52 Värtan Interchange is a so-called Green Workplace, which means that we are working to reduce our environmental footprint by carefully controlling the use of chemicals, documenting our energy consumption and minimizing amounts of waste.

Green rail transport

The railroad that runs through the area enables materials to be transported all the way to the project site by train. For large shipments, it is therefore possible to use rail and waterborne freight instead of road transport. When over 200 tons of steel beams were purchased from Estonia, we chose rail (Green Cargo) and waterborne transport, instead of using road transport. According to our calculations, that resulted in an 80% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.

We always endeavor to think about the environment down to the smallest details. Some examples include the fact that we drink regular tap water instead of bottled water and we use bicycles provided by Skanska to get around the worksite.

Our work on the Värtan Interchange is the first step towards developing the harbor area, where a new city neighborhood, Norra Djurgårdsstaden, is planned.