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Expansion of Norra Hamnen

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Modern logistics facility enables climate-smart freight transport

The expansion of the Norra Hamnen area in Malmö was completed in April 2011. Following two intensive years of construction, this modern logistics facility could finally be put into use for efficient and environmentally friendly harbor freight transport. Skanska has served as the general contractor for the project, which has been one of the largest in Malmö’s history.

The harbor area covers an expanse of 500,000 square meters, or the equivalent of 50 soccer pitches. Among other activities, we dredged 500,000 cubic meters of material and increased the depth from four meters to nine meters to enable ferries to berth at the harbor. We constructed a 1,300 meter pier, completed three ferry berths for RORO traffic, constructed a container and combi-terminal, created a new ramp for loading and unloading vessels and built a connecting railway to receive container traffic.

A key part of the transformation was the relocation of the ferries and their freight from Nyhamnen to Norra Hamnen. The harbor area now also enables efficient transfer between the various forms of transportation of sea, road and rail.

The modern harbor has yielded a number of environmental benefits now that trucks that previously drove to Nyhamnen have been redirected to Norra Hamnen. Consequently, the vehicles no longer need to travel through central Malmö to reach the harbor. It is also no longer necessary for the ferries, which are also a source of emissions, to navigate as far into the harbor.

The expansion of Norra Hamnen was financed by Malmö Municipality and the facility will be operated by Copenhagen Malmö Port (CMP).



Mattias Hall
Hälsa & Säkerhetschef region (HSC-R
Region Väg och Anläggning Syd


Service: Construction
Mark segment: Civil, Asphalt mix, Concrete, Piling/foundation, Asphalt works, Gravel and stone chippings, Logistics
Start date: 2009
Completion date: 2011
Clients: Copenhagen Malmö Port AB
Country: Sweden
City: Malmö
Project status: Completed