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Expansion of Norra Hamnen

Sustainability and green

The social and environmental gains are considerable when freight traffic is moved from road transport to rail or sea. Furthermore, trucks no longer need to travel through central Malmö now that the harbor has been moved from Nyhamnen to Norra Hamnen.

In conjunction with the dredging work, we restored an encroachment upon nature that was carried out in the heyday of the shipbuilding company Kockums when a channel was dredged to make space for the construction of a dock. The encroachment resulted in a dead zone and the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and other referral bodies are thus very positive to the restoration, which will probably result in the return of animal and plant life.

There are a number of rare species of bird in the area and we were careful to cause as little disturbance as possible to the bird life. We therefore engaged the assistance of an ornithologist who was given the opportunity to prepare an inventory of the area and monitor development during the breeding season.

The new harbor area will create thousands of new jobs in the harbor areas itself, in the surrounding areas as well as in the transport industry. Jobs were also created in Norra hamnen during the actual transformation period.