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Indoor swimming pool in Leżajsk

Constructing the project

There are two pool basins in the object - main swimming pool with the dimensions 12,5 x 25 m and depth from 135 cm to 180 cm and children's pool 4,7 m x 8,55 m. Both basins are equipped with immersed lights. Main attractions of the object are a 53 m long outdoor slide in the form of a spiral sleeve and a whirlpool bath. There are also two saunas, a gym, a sunbed and a coffe shop localised on the first floor. The roof over the swimming pool hall inside the building has a very interesting structure. The roof was made of seven curved girders of manufactured wood, each of them 20 linear meters in span. Purlins made of manufactured wood and anchored between the girders guarantee stiffness of the whole structure. The roofing is borne on full formwork made of impregnated boards covered with polystyrene fixed mechanically to the boards. The whole roof is covered with Veaplan welded foil. The swimming pool has a capacity of 70 people whose security is provided by lifeguards and monitoring system. All technical facilities including ventilating ducts and water purification plant were situated in the basement. All of the operating appliances are electronically controlled.

The project in figures:

  • usable area: 1 975 m²
  • developed area: 2 682 m²
  • cubic capacity: 14 304 m²
  • object dimensions: 54 x 30 m