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Bypass in Grodziec Śląski

Constructing the project

We built 7 engineering facilities, 3 access roads to overpasses within local roads, 3 culverts under the S-1 expressway and county road of 960 m in length. We have also executed vertical and horizontal road signs, installed noise barriers and steel safety fences. We have also rebuilt the power, water, gas and drainage systems.
Bridge works included 3 motorway bridges, one motorway overpass and 3 road overpasses. The longest bridge (two roadways over Łański stream) is built over 40 and 50-m pillars. It was built using launching method, i.e. we installed the plant producing the bridge elements, which where then launched over the indirect supports with hydraulic devices. Since bridge spans are longer than sections, so called avanbeck is assembled to section 1 slab, which allows suporting of the constructed bridge slab on intermediate poles after each of launches has been finished. Each of the bridge slabs was divided into 11 sections of 14, 14,5 and 25 m in length respectively. In order to meet these requirements, an avanbeck 30 m in length was implemented and a plant 27 m in length was realized. The formwork was completed in two strokes: first stroke - the lower slab together with bridge box walls, second stroke - the lower slab.


Projects in figures


Road works:  


  •  surfaces: 210 472m2
  • excavations 379359m3
  • embankments: 246 966m3

Bridge facilities:
• 3 overpasses 45, 48 and 72 m
• 1 motorway overpass – 104 m long
• 3 motorway overpasses 94, 112 and 230 m.