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Northern Ring Road of Central Wroclaw

  • Northern Ring Road of Central Wroclaw
  • Northern Ring Road of Central Wroclaw
  • Northern Ring Road of Central Wroclaw

Contruction of the northen part of the Central Wroclaw Ring Road, which is one of the most important traffic routes of Wroclaw, is a strategic investment for the city as well as for Skanska.

The 4,2 km long strech of the raad built by Skanska, starts from the Millenium Bridge (also built by Skanska in  2004) and finishes at Poświęcka street. As part of this project we have also rebuilt 800 meter long part of dual carriageway Żmigrodzka.

Contruction of the ring road was done within the framework „Design and built”, which made the task even more challenging for our company being the largest of these type of projects for Skanska in Wroclaw. The work was carried out in difficult surroundings, with  close proximity to the main railway route number 271 (E59) between Wroclaw-Poznan, busy railway route number 5, provincial road number 342 and railway sidings.

Along the route, we have erected 4 viaducts with the joint lenght of 285 m, 4 underpasses for the use of pedestrians and cyclists and 11 animal underpasses equipped with the special railings enabling the animal’s migration/movement. Istallation of 6768 square meters of acoustic and environmental screens has lessen the negative impact of the investment on the local environment and community.


Service: Construction
Mark segment: Roads, Bridges
Start date: 2008
Completion date: 2010
Clients: Gmina Wrocław, reprezentowana przez Wrocławskie Inwestycje
Country: Poland
City: Wroclaw
Project status: Completed