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E18 Highway

Environmental aspects

On Finland’s E18, dubbed “the wilderness motorway”, an environmentally sustainable approach to the development was particularly important to minimise disruption to the surrounding wildlife. Many natural tunnels make it possible for animals such as the stately moose to freely roam the area. At one point, an animal bridge has been created. A high game fence along the motorway protects both animals and drivers alike. The rare flying squirrels whose habitat is around the road are able to cross from tree to tree at 40 specially created points where the motorway has been narrowed. Finally, the need for local people to enjoy their environment has not been forgotten. The longest tunnel created for the motorway is 2.2 kilometres long. On top of this, two lakes complement the natural beauty of the area, which can be used for recreational activities such as mushroom-picking, scouting, orienteering and picnics.