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A1 Motorway

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A1 Motorway

  • A1 Motorway, Poland
  • A1 Motorway, Poland
  • A1 Motorway, Poland
  • A1 Motorway, Poland
  • A1 Motorway, Poland
  • A1 Motorway, Poland
  • A1 Motorway, Poland
  • A1 Motorway, Poland
  • A1 Motorway, Poland

Opening the country for business

In Poland, Skanska is at the heart of one of Europe's largest road projects, the Autostrada A1, or European Road E75.

The motorway follows a 152 km north-south route divided into two phases, linking one of Poland's largest cities, Gdansk, on the Baltic Sea, with the city of Torun. The motorway forms part of the Pan European Transport Corridor VI. Therefore, it will be part of a vast Central European integrated network, reaching from the Baltic to the Adriatic and from Western Europe to Russia.

Being a part of the North-South Trans European corridor linking Scandinavia to the Mediterranean, the A1 is vital for the Poland’s continuing social and economic development.  Not only will it bring new jobs and create more investment and trade opportunities, it will also help to integrate Poland better with the other EU nations.

The motorway has been designed to minimize its impact on cultural heritage and environmentally sensitive areas.

Start date for the project was 2005 and it was completed 2011.

Key benefits

- Faster, safer journeys in a country that needs more highways.

- Journey times cut in half.

- 20,000 - 25,000 users per day.

- First phase completed three months ahead of schedule.

- Brings trade and opportunity by linking Poland's seaports with the European transport network.

- Job creation - 3500 jobs during construction, c.350 local jobs during operation.

- Businesses and commercial enterprises moving in.


Niklas Franck
Communication Manager


Service: Public Private Partnerships, Construction, Operations & Maintenance
Mark segment: Roads, Bridges
Concept: Building Information Modeling/ Virtual Design & Construction, Sustainability case study
Start date: 2005
Completion date: 2011
Clients: Ministerstwo Infrastruktury (Ministry of Infrastructure in Poland)
Country: Poland
City: Gdansk
Equity and sub debt: 23 M EUR
OM/FM period: 2008 - 2039
Concession period: 2005 - 2039
Project status: Completed