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A1 Motorway

Economic aspects

Life Cycle

The A1 is a 31-year concession, so we had every incentive to ensure that it was designed, built and operated for the long-term and have made sure the life cycle fund maintains road quality without inflating costs.

This balancing act has to include the ability to respond rapidly to changes in the political environment. For instance, road usage forecasts changed dramatically after a change of government policy which decided to provide lorry drivers with cost effective passes, vignettes, to make sure they used the highway rather than avoiding tolls by travelling on minor roads. We were able to redesign the road to handle almost double the expected heavy vehicles. Then we agreed a corresponding change in the heavy maintenance contract in such a way as to deliver it for more or less the same cost to the client as before the change.

GTC constantly strives to increase value for the end user, the client and shareholders by being attentive to potential technical developments or amending procedures for operating the motorway.

GTC is seen as a proactive partner for the public sector and its part in the A1 is considered a model for PPP projects in Poland.