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APS Lined Ponds

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APS Lined Ponds

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Skanska was contracted by Arizona Public Service Company (APS) to provide earthwork for the construction of two ponds; the first a lined ash pond and the second a double lined decant pond. The project was located at the Fruitland, New Mexico Four Corners Power Plant. Four Corners Power Plant is one of the largest coal fired electrical generating plants in the United States. It supplies power for 300,000 households in Phoenix, AZ and other cities in the western US. Rated at a total capacity of 2040 megawatts, the plant produces substantial quantities of ash as a by-product of coal combustion.

Developing the project

To provide a secure storage facility for its future ash output, APS developed a lined facility covering 128 acres. West States Skanska was responsible for the earthwork needed to build the pond berms and subgrade.

Constructing the project

West States mobilized a large fleet of equipment to prepare the site for liner installation. Project activities were closely coordinated with APS so that the membrane liner placement could move ahead unimpeded. West States’ subgrade construction met exacting quality specifications to ensure integrity of the membrane liner system as it was laid across the massive pond.

Benefits for the community

The Four Corners Power Plant is located on the Navajo Indian reservation west of Farmington, NM. Skanska works frequently at the plant and neighboring coal mines and employs many skilled Navajo personnel.


Service: Construction
Mark segment: Civil
Start date: 2003
Completion date: 2003
Clients: Arizona Public Service Company
Country: United States
City: Fruitland
Project status: Completed