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I-17 Little Squaw Creek Bridges

  • I-17 Little Squaw Creek Bridges
  • I-17 Little Squaw Creek Bridges

The project consists of demolition and reconstruction of an existing 204’ span bridge in Black Canyon City, Arizona in Maricopa County. I-17 is the only major highway between Phoenix and Flagstaff. The project includes approximately 50,000 CY of roadway excavation, 5600 Tons of Asphalt concrete pavement, 8 acres of clearing and landscaping upon completion, two temporary traffic detours, 415 CY of bridge substructure concrete, 520 CY of bridge superstructure concrete and 128 CY of reinforced concrete box culvert extension. The project includes 18 subcontractors and 2 engineered shoring systems for excavation support.


Service: Construction
Mark segment: Bridges, Roads
Start date: 2009
Completion date: 2010
Clients: Arizona Department of Transportation
Country: United States
City: Black Canyon City
Project status: Completed