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Rome Water Pollution Control Plant

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Rome Water Pollution Control Plant

  • Rome Water Pollution Control Plant

The city of Rome, Ga., has more than doubled its capacity to treat water from 23 million gallons per day to a maximum of 54 million gallons per day.

Skanska procured, installed and commissioned equipment to renovate Rome’s Water Pollution Control plan under a $34 million contract. The changes were needed to replace aging equipment and to meet the demands of a population that had outgrown the facility’s capacity. 

The project included the construction of an influent pumping station with new course bar screens, and connecting the existing 60-inch interceptor to a new influent pumping station. 

Other work included:

· installation of new preliminary treatment facilities for removal of screenings and grit
· conversion of the original equalization facilities from in-line to off-line storage
· removal of piping constrictions within the plant
· provisions for secondary treatment of all flows
· installation of two circular secondary clarifiers 
· modification of two existing secondary clarifiers with installation of peripheral launders
· construction of a return-activated sludge pumping station
· construction of a waste-activated sludge pumping station 
· construction of chemical feed facilities for removal of phosphorus
· installation of a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system 
· construction of miscellaneous flow control structures
· installation of aeration equipment for thickening of waste sludge 
· expansion of the existing administration building

The contract included all mechanical, electrical and instrumentation work required as part of the upgrade project. The project team also was responsible for the installation of 15,700 cubic yards of concrete and the excavation of 70,000 cubic yards of earth


Service: Construction
Mark segment: Waste treatment, Water management
Start date: 2004
Completion date: 2007
Clients: City of Rome Georgia
Country: United States
City: Rome
Project status: Completed


OSHA Partnership to Protect Workers During Construction