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Construction of the W-Z Route in Gdansk

  • W-Z Route in Gdansk
  • W-Z Route in Gdansk
  • W-Z Route in Gdansk
  • W-Z Route in Gdansk

Beginning the construction of the W-Z Route goes back in the 80’ of the 20th century. First part from the 3 Maj Street to Sikorskiego Street was completed in 1988, second, extended to Lostowicka street in 1998, third, to Jabloniowa in 2001 and the fourth, when W-Z Route connects to Kartuska Street in 2007.

The scope of work carried out by Skanska from June 2010 to May 2012 included the construction of the W-Z Route from Kartuska to Otominska Street ( excluding Karczemniki junction), construction of new North Kartuska Street and reconstruction existing Kartuska Street and construction of two viaducts( Nowa Mysliwska and W-Z Route located nearby Szczesliwa Street), construction of three intersections (roundabouts), animals crossing under W-Z Route and Kartuska Street, construction of accoustic screen panels and bicycle paths. Within the investment Skanska also reconstructed underground utilities infrastructure ( water and sewage, gas, power, electrical installations)


Service: Construction
Mark segment: Civil, Roads
Start date: 2006
Completion date: 2007
Clients: Firma budowlano-drogowa MTM S.A.
Country: Poland
City: Gdansk
Project status: Completed