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Extension of Cardboard Packaging Plant for Werner Kenkel

Additional information

Production plant realized by Skanska is equipped with raw material storage rooms separated with wall barriers, final product storage room as well as storage and technical area. Their height varies from 5,88 m to 8,28 m. In the roof smoke exhaust ventilation system was installed in the form of self-opening smoke dampers, located in skylight strips. Steel girders with the span of 24 meters were used in the structure of production plant. Machines producing cardboard packaging are mounted on special reinforced concrete foundations and boarded together with the floor. This special foundation also supports one belt conveyor duct with technological infrastructure.  Storage houses intended for rack product storing (up to 7,5 m) have two roofed receiving and loading docks for motor trucks.


The project in figures

  • cubic capacity – 83 217 cubic meters, including production plant: 76 317 cubic meters and the workshop: 6900 cubic meters
  • developed area – 11 618 square meters
  • usable area – 11 319 square meters
  • green area – 10004 square meters
  • roads and yards area – 7 581square meters