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Väla Gård

Our assignment

Skanska has owned Väla Gård since the end of the 1960s and has long planned to develop offices on the site. In 2011, we announced an architectural competition aimed at creating an office that would meet our requirements for climate-smart solutions, while creating an attractive property that would melt into the historic farm environment. The winning design was produced by Patrik Ekenhill at Tengbom Michelsen.

In October 2011, we broke ground for the office building at Väla Gård. Right from the outset, our focus was on environmentally-smart and sustainable solutions. Since the worksite is adjacent to a nature reserve, we had to take particular care to protect the special environment surrounding us.

A light and welcoming entrance

The first phase of Väla Gård comprises 1,800 square meters and consists of two almost identical main buildings connected by a glazed entrance building. We located the reception in the glazed structure, which provides visitors with bright and welcoming reception. The floor was finished with a polished concrete floor and one wall was transformed into a green wall of living plants.

The two main buildings were equipped with gables of oak-patterned perforated sheet metal. The underlying reasons were both architectural and practical as the pattern allows daylight to flow in. We have also invested considerable focus on the working environment; we want to promote a healthy environment for occupants at Väla Gård. Therefore, we have been extremely particular about ensuring that natural daylight penetrates deep into the premises. We have also carefully checked the air quality and ventilation to ensure the optimal indoor climate.

Well-insulated climate shell and ground-source heating

The entire construction process has revolved around the environment and sustainability. Initiatives include a ground-source heating and cooling system that, when the area is completed, will be able to provide 7,000 square meters with heating and cooling. In addition, the property has a well-insulated climate shell and all of the windows are of passive house standard.

Throughout the project, we have been meticulous with our choice of materials. All purchases have been checked to ensure that we always select material that does not emit any poisonous substances.

A new bus stop hel

It takes about seven minutes by bus or car to travel to or from Väla Gård from the center of Helsingborg. To make travelling even easier for visitors and employees working in the area, we have built a new bus stop by the site. It is located on Kanongatan adjacent to the parking lots.

Following the completion of phase one, we will be able to build several similar buildings. We even hope to be able to refurbish the existing stone barn for use as offices in the future.