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The five-story apartment building "Hübnerky" has two sections which are interconnected through the garage area in the first underground floor. The building has a total of 121 apartments and 4 studios, ranging from 28 m2 1+kitchenette apartments to nearly-100 m2 4+kitchenette ones, which also include an 80m2 terrace. All of the apartments in the project include a balcony or terrace, and most apartments in the first above-ground floor also have a front garden. An advantage of all apartments is their good "equippability", due to their well-thought-out, functional ground plans, which provide ample room for all the essentials. The building includes 113 parking spaces inside with an additional 31 spaces in front. The ground floor will additionally include a bike room and a room for cleaning bikes, which may also be used by mothers with prams and dog owners in case of bad weather.

The apartment building has been designed to comply with the Energy Performance Certificate B - economic. In this case, this means that the building has good heat cladding and includes solar panels on the roof of the building for heating service water. The neighboring plot will also include an underground tank for rainwater, which may then be used to water vegetation surrounding the building.


Petr Dušta Ing.
Senior Project Manager
Skanska Residential Development Czech Republic


Service: Residential development
Mark segment: Apartment buildings
Start date: 2013
Completion date: 2015
Clients: Skanska Reality
Country: Czech Republic
City: Praha
Project status: In sale / lease