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Shopping Center IsoKristiina


“In the shopping center, there will be retail facilities for both S-Group and K-Group as well as department stores of Sokos and Anttila. Furthermore, the City of Lappeenranta will invest in new facilities for the Lappeenranta City Theatre in a central location of the shopping center. Adding to the selection of leisure activities provided by the theatre, there will also be a four-screen Finnkino cinema center and a versatile selection of restaurants”, says Senior Vice President of Development and Sustainability, Marko Juhokas of Citycon.

“In 2011, Citycon selected Skanska through competition as a partner for developing this all-round shopping center located in the existing city center of Lappeenranta. Together, we have succeeded in fulfilling the requirements for this investment, and now, we are ready to proceed to the well-prepared implementation phase”, Juhokas continues.

”The developing IsoKristiina Shopping Center fulfills our technical, financial and environmental investment criteria, and our positive experience of Skanska’s expertise create high expectations for the successful implementation of the construction project”, states Tomi Aimonen, Head of Direct Real Estate Investments at Ilmarinen. 

Mayor of City of Lappeenranta Kimmo Jarva considers the IsoKristiina project to be a significant step forward in developing downtown Lappeenranta. The demand of services is increased by the growing tourism from Russia.

“An attractive selection of services and shopping opportunities is taking shape in downtown Lappeenranta. Also, locating the Lappeenranta City Theatre in the middle of the services of the shopping center will strengthen the variety of services in the area of the city center. The residents of entire South-Eastern Finland as well as tourists will benefit from the growing service selection. Because of its good location and high-quality services, Lappeenranta has repeatedly been in the top range of Finnish cities when measured by the volume of tax free shopping, and the flow of Russian tourists is estimated to increase heavily in the near future”, says Jarva.