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Technopolis Viestikatu 7 property

Gold level LEED® certificate for the Viestikatu 7 property

Technopolis' Viestikatu 7 property has become the first in Kuopio to receive a gold-level LEED® certificate. The property, owned by Technopolis and contracted by Skanska Talonrakennus Oy, did especially well in the sustainable land use category.

Viestikatu 7 is located within the existing city structure with good public transport connections and services close by. Spaces for low-emission vehicles were implemented in the yard, and a number of green areas were left on the lot even after construction.

"As a project, Viestikatu 7 is an excellent example of how good planning and implementation, and above all co-operation and a shared mindset, bring success," says Tarmo Stjerna, Regional Manager for Skanska Talonrakennus Oy, region Eastern Finland.

"We are a pioneer in Kuopio, since no other office building has been LEED certified. This certification will help us manage the ecological footprint and upkeep costs of the building during its long life cycle," explains Virve Valonen, Environmental and Sustainability Manager for Technopolis.     

The building also received LEED points for water fittings that save water and the possibility for individual temperature control. Planning a good indoor environment and decreasing impurities with, among other things, entrance arrangements also helped the building to reach a high-level certification. The worksite received points for cleanliness and recycling and utilizing construction waste, for example.

Green Building Partners Oy was responsible for the certification process of the building.