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The Fredriksdal bus depot

Sustainability and green

The environmental gains will be substantial when the Fredriksdal bus depot is completed. SL will switch completely to the use of biogas buses in the inner city, which have lower emissions compared with diesel buses. Moreover, biogas does not add carbon dioxide to the atmosphere but is instead part of the natural cycle.

The buses will be fueled at the new bus depot. But instead of transporting biogas to the depot using trucks, a pipeline will continually convey the gas to the depot from the Henriksdal wastewater treatment plant, thereby eliminating the need for heavy truck transport.

Sedum plant roofs capture acid rain

In addition, the depot has been equipped with a sedum plant green roof. The sedum roof is not just a green feature but also captures a large share of the acid rain that would otherwise find it way down to the street drains. The sedum plants extend the service life of the waterproofing membrane and help insulate against heat and cold.

A green workplace

During the work on the depot, we used Skanska’s proprietary “Green Workplace” label. This means that the environmental target at the workplace is higher than Skanska’s standard requirements, and that it meets a number of criteria. These include reduced energy consumption, increased waste sorting and reduced-flow faucets.